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I created this website to feature my written work but I hope it also gives you an idea of who I am. To put it simply, I am an Indian who has lived in five countries (India, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong) currently working as a reporter for Haymarket Media in Hong Kong covering corporate finance. I am a creative and empathetic individual who loves cross-cultural settings. I have a diverse set of skills including video production and I love to help people and discover the truth. At both HKU and NUS in Singapore, I was the editor-in-chief of a group of student reporters and I love training young journalists.

Some of my bylines

You can find my current work on Corporate Treasurer. Previously, I have written for Quartz, Hong Kong Free Press and Fox Sports Asia. Aside from being a sports journalist, I also set up the corporate communications department at a nonprofit, produced indie short films in Singapore and managed various communities. While at J-school, I wrote about the profile of a Chinese imam, penned a critical business review of a wellness gym/MLM business (and its relevance in Bill Ackman’s futile war on Herbalife) and looked into why Chinese elderly migrate like snowbirds during winter among other efforts.

About me

I am also a story teller and I perform spoken word stories with the local group Hong Kong Stories. I am an advocate for domestic worker rights, mental health awareness, postcolonial ideas, men’s rights (yes, there are moderate MRAs), feminism, Asianisation, South Asian discrimination among many other topics. Since I left India in 2000, I have acquired a globalised and multicultural perspective.

Note to recruiters

It’s unlikely that I will move away from Haymarket Media because it has great work-life balance and a talented team of journalists. I will need a competitive package or a senior editorial position if you would like to discuss my suitability for any openings. For anyone else, feel free to reach out to me. I would be curious to know why you came here.

While you are here, why not check out a short film? Most of these clips you see above are less than 2 minutes long and might provide a nice break in your day. I worked on most of those productions when making indie movies in Singapore.

You can find me on Twitter or LinkedIn. If you would like to get in touch then I will never say no especially if you are someone dealing with mental health issues. As someone living with depression, I will always help someone else who on the same journey. The best way to get in touch is via a Facebook message.