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I am an Indian journalist and long-term Southeast East Asia/East Asian expat who will soon join Asian Venture Capital Journal on January 13 as a Staff Writer. Ahead of the move, I would love to organise informal getting-to-know-you calls so that I can learn about the field, the challenges faced by PE/VC professionals in Asia, the type of news reporting I should be doing, developments in 2019 that would make for suitable retrospective articles and what readers across geographies might be looking forward to next year.

Growing up in Thailand, studying in Singapore with my parents now living in an industrial town outside Jakarta, I am an Asian in quite a broad sense. As can be seen in other sectors, increasing accessibility made possible by the internet is forcing work professionals to make sure they add value to counterparties so I felt it was necessary to carry out this extra step before starting work at a new firm.

An economics graduate currently sitting for the CFA Level I examinations, I’m excited to learn about this new, much-discussed aspect of financial industry although I readily concede that I am a newcomer.

You can find me on Twitter or follow me on LinkedIn – you can expect news & updates beyond private equity/finance on the former while I seek to create a highly curated buy-side focused network in the latter (as much as possible, I try to avoid sell-side professionals).