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I am an Indian communications professional currently working as an in-house copywriter/editor/media liaison resource at a financial communications-focused public relations agency in Hong Kong (find me on LinkedIn here; here’s my CV). I am also a storyteller in Hong Kong and I have been a screenwriter and line producer at an independent production house in Singapore. Over the past decade, I have worked as a journalist covering private equity and venture capital activity in India and Southeast Asia, corporate finance dealing with CFOs in Singapore and Hong Kong and sports across Southeast Asia. I am a creative, empathetic, loyal, friendly and diligent worker who loves cross-cultural settings and I like to help out in every way I can. Since I left India in 2000 (I have lived in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Hong Kong), I believe I have a global perspective yet I am anchored by strong Asian values.

Some of my bylines

Previously, I have written for Corporate Treasurer (the articles were about a very niche topic in finance), Quartz, Hong Kong Free Press and Fox Sports Asia. In 2015, I went back home, backpacked for a year and then set up the corporate communications department at an Indian nonprofit. I studied economics at the National University of Singapore and I completed a master’s programme in journalism at the University of Hong Kong. I am studying Chinese and will undertake the CFA Level I exam in August. 

Other projects

  • I also scripted, helped carry out casting for and produced five independent short films in Singapore (here’s a two-minute film called ‘Morning Beauty‘ that might be worth watching). The experience taught me what it’s like to work as part of a video production unit
  • I am also a storyteller and I perform spoken word stories with the Hong Kong-based storytelling group Hong Kong Stories 

I speak English, Hindi, Tulu, Kannada and a smattering of Chinese and Indonesian. In the past, I have studied Spanish as well. I live in North Point in Hong Kong. 

Getting in touch

You can find me on Twitter or LinkedInThe best way to get in touch is through a Facebook or WhatsApp message. WeChat (here’s my QR Code) also works.