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I am an Indian journalist currently working as a reporter for Asian Venture Capital Journal in Hong Kong covering private equity and venture capital activity in India for now. I am a creative and empathetic individual who loves cross-cultural settings. I have a diverse set of skills and I have worked in fintechs, nonprofits, media (newspapers and online media) and film production.

Some of my bylines

You can find my current work on AVCJ. Unfortunately, it’s behind a paywall and only available to subscribers. Previously, I wrote for Corporate Treasurer, Quartz, Hong Kong Free Press and Fox Sports Asia. Aside from being a sports journalist, I also set up the corporate communications department at an Indian nonprofit and produced independent short films in Singapore. I am also a story teller and I perform spoken word stories with the local group Hong Kong Stories.Since I left India in 2000, I believe I have a global perspective yet I am anchored by strong Asian values.

Some of the stories that I wrote while at journalism school might interest you if you are free. I wrote about the life of a Chinese imam in Hong Kong, penned a critical business review of a wellness gym (it was basically a gym operating a MLM outfit), interviewed long-term backpackers who don’t seem to want to stop travelling and I looked into why elderly Chinese migrate like snowbirds during the winter among many other projects at one of Asia’s top journalism schools.

Getting in touch

You can find me on Twitter or LinkedIn. If you would like to get in touch then I will never say no especially if you are someone dealing with mental health issues.

The best way to get in touch is through a Facebook message although I’m usually not on there.